VOR: The Maelstrom  

VOR F.A.Q. Version 3.0

This is the official Frequently Asked Questions for VOR: The Maelstrom, a sci-fi miniatures wargame, set in the turbulent depths of a voracious cosmic anomaly known as the Maelstrom. A multitude of alien races battle it out in this over-the top miniatures wargame, created by Mike Skuzzy Nielsen. All info herein should be considered the most current and legal version of the VOR game rules.

This document was written by Earl Clay III with Mike Nielsen and Steve Kozlowski. I would like to express gratitude for the invaluable assistance of the VOR community at large, particularly the members of VORlist, the Warp.net, whose (literally) thousands of comments helped birth this F.A.Q. Double thanks to the Tabletop Gladiators!

Distribute as desired, unmodified and intact, as desired. Players are encouraged to post this, put it on their own websites, or print and photocopy it in an effort to make the newest, most playable, and most clear version of VOR as widely accessible and available as possible.

Any questions or suggestions for this document should be addressed to <ninjaboy007@hotmail.com>.

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Rules Updates and Errata

  • In any game where any player wishes to take any vehicle heavier than a walker, that player must first have his opponents' permission. Assuming they agree that a vehicle can be used, the opponents would then have the option to revise their forcelists accordingly. The heaviest vehicles exempt from this rule are the Union Ares, the Neo-Soviet Ursa, and the Shard Eradicator. This applies to all VOR games until the vehicle rulebook is released.
  • The way scatter for blast weapons is determined has been altered due to continued playtesting and player feedback. It's strongly advised to use a full D10″ scatter distance rather than halving it. The shot will not scatter more than half the distance back toward the firer, though. So if I shoot at a target 8″ away and roll a 10″ scatter, it only will go 4″ if the distance comes up as being directly back at me. Otherwise, it scatters the full number rolled on the D10.
  • The Splash Template has been changed. All Splash mode weapons now hit everything under both sections of the cone, without needing to roll for it. In other words, you don't need to roll to see if models under the large area are hit—they are automatically hit (just like with the small cone). Victims in hard cover would still get the +1 AR bonus.
  • Units no longer need to make Morale tests at 75% strength when over 7 in number. They now simply test at 50% (just like smaller units).
  • NO unit in VOR is immune to all Guts tests—only Morale-based Guts tests. This means that Union Special Forces and growlers with a Chieftain on the table act the same—they simply pass all Morale tests. In addition, no model is ever immune to the Morale test required by broken coherency.
  • A little clarification regarding targeting models and LOS: as per the main VOR rulebook, a model always blocks LOS entirely across its base, from the edges of the base to the top of the model's head. This makes a cone that may not be fired or seen through. What pose the model is sculpted in is mostly irrelevant.
    What this means is that even if I can draw LOS between a model's legs, around its body, or whatever, I still do not have legal line of sight past it if the shot would cross through its base. This effectively means that a shot may never pass through a model's base and the only way to avoid this (other than moving to gain clear LOS) is to be at a higher elevation and see over its head. Very large models will loom higher than a smaller one's head and can usually still be shot. This makes screening a little more effective than it would be, but also means it's harder to pick off heavy weapons, etc.
  • A model which is in front of another model, and which blocks at least half of a targeted model behind it, will provide a −1RC Soft Cover modifier when shooting at the target.
  • No ability/spell/power/relic may be used in melee unless it has Point Blank mode specifically listed.
  • The following weapons may all Parry as described on page 86 of the VOR rulebook:
    • All Vikoon staves (including the Lordstaff, Soulfire staff, Vikoon lance, and Hel'kai staff)
    • Scout staff
    • Mystic Staff
    • Punisher Bat
    • Pitbull and Bulldog (at a +2 penalty to the roll, and if the parry is failed, you lose the weapon—it's destroyed!)
    • Hammer N' Sickle

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General F.A.Q.

Q. Are there any newsgroups, mailing lists, etc. for VOR?
A. The main VOR: The Maelstrom newsgroup is <VORlist@onelist.com>. It can be joined via the eGroups website at http://www.egroups.com/.
Several very active forums dedicated to VOR are at The Warp at http://www.thewarp.net/.
Q. Can a model switch weapons/attacks during its turn to get more shots or attacks than would be allowed otherwise? I.E., can a model make two attacks with a Pitbull (UPT 2, total MPC 6) then switch to its Pug (UPT 2) for couple more shots if it has the MP left? What about taking two Lightning Tips to get two shot per turn?
A. Only one weapon/attack can be used per turn if any of them has a UPT limitation. A model does not abruptly gain more attack potential by picking up a different gun or weapon. UPT isn't merely a fire speed or rate of fire on a weapon. It reflects many factors, such as acquiring targets, maybe receiving orders on what to shoot, etc. If you were able to fire the Pug (after the two Pitbull shots) you'd just as easily be allowed more shots with the Pitbull.
Important Exceptions:
  • Basic unarmed melee attacks may always be done, no matter what else you used that activation.
  • Zykhee Vikoon weapons all count as one weapon regardless of tips. So you could fire a Laser Tip and a Stinger Tip, in the same activation, from a single Vikoon. You still couldn't increase a Lightning Tip's UPT—it is never 1 UPT per weapon—it's 1 UPT per model.
Note that the above exception only applies to Zykhee Vikoons specifically, not any other integrated weaponry.
Q. So I could not shoot a Pitbull and a Pug in one turn (because they both have a UPT limit)?
A. That's right.
Q. How about firing a Pug then switching to a vibro knife?
A. The Pug has a UPT limit, which stops it from being combined with other attacks in the same activation, even though the knife has no UTP. Only one thing has to have a UPT for this to apply, not both. The model could use the Pug, and then basic melee attacks in one activation.
Q. If I have two of a weapon with UPT 1 somehow, could I get two uses in the same activation?
A. Consider the UPT of a weapon to become the model's UPT for that activation. A UPT 1 Lightning Tip means that a model may make one Lightning Tip attack per activation, regardless of how many of the actual weapon the model might have. Only the occasional oddball ability can ever allow an increase in UPT. Having two Lightning Tips, Pitbulls, Rend N' Throw! abilities, etc. would all have the exact same effect as having it once. Speaking of which—
Q. Can a model take two of the same upgrade or option for double effect? Like two Speed Tattoos, two Excessive Blubbers, etc.?
A. You may never take the same weapon/ability/upgrade/tattoo/gear twice on one model.
Q. Various units (namely characters, like Zuvvia and Arkaaus) mention that they can choose up to 4 spells or such similar. Are these already factored into the model's PV or are they purchased normally?
A. They are paid for with additionally PV.
Q. Are the new rules/units/characters etc. in Razorfang's Exodus and the rest of the upcoming scenario books for those use in those scenarios only or for general game play?
A. They are permanent rules additions, useable and applicable in all VOR games. So all Cyclops now automatically have the ability to fire their eyebeams using Wide Beam mode, for instance.
Q. Does every model in a squad have to take the same equipment upgrades? For example, if one Union trooper takes frag grenades, do they all have to?
A. No, not unless the forcelist entry for the unit states otherwise. But to be completely fair, if you opt to have models in a squad equipped differently than each other then you should be willing to remind your opponent(s) as needed during the game as to which models of yours are equiped differently.
Q. Do criticals (rolling natural ones and tens) apply to any roll, like armor tests, or just to actual attack rolls?
A. Only attack rolls—that's why they are called critical hits and critical misses.
Q. Does a critical failure just cause the model to lose its remaining MP, or does it end the model's activation period (thus preventing the use of free abilities, etc.)?
A. A critical failure ends the model's activation entirely. The main effect this has is that vehicles that roll a critical miss are done, and cannot keep shooting just because they don't spend MP to fire.
Q. What happens when a model rolls a 10 when using a blast weapon?
A. The shot counts as a dud or airburst—nothing happens. The shot is wasted and has no effect (don't roll for scatter).
Q. Can critical hits be dodged? How about parried?
A. Dodged, yes. Parried, no.
Q. If you roll a critical hit with a blast weapon, does everyone under the template lose their armor test or just the original target of the attack?
A. Everyone loses their armor test.
Q. Can I reroll a 10 with rerolls granted from Aviok Sight, Seasoned Fighter and similar abilities?
A. Yes, however each roll can only be rerolled once. RE-rerolling is not possible—the second result always stands.
Q. Can a shot with a difficulty reduced by mods to below 1 still succeed as a critical hit?
A. The important thing to remember here is that if the RC mods for a shot reduce the chances to hit to 0 or less it doesn't mean that the shooting model can't see or hit the target, it just means that it's an exceptionally difficult shot to make. If a target is within range and in LOS to a firing model, there will always be some chance that it can be hit, no matter how slim.
Optional Rule: For those that have a hard time dealing with this, this is suggested for use as an optional rule. Allow models to always hit with an attack roll of 1, but if the modifiers for the shot reduce the chances to 0 or less, then just make it a normal hit and not a critical.
Q. Does moving in place cost MP?
A. No, but it can only be done during the unit's activation. This is not considered movement or an action per se, so a model could rotate in place and still go on Hold.
Q. In the Neo-Soviet Forcebook, it lists power armor as giving −1 AM to all melee attacks. In the Union book, it says any unarmed attacks are at −1 AM. Should the (newer) version of the text for power armor (from the Soviet book) apply to Union suits as well, or are they intentionally different, with Union suits at −1 AM to unarmed attacks, and the Soviet version −1 AM to any melee attack? Does the Soviet version improve the AM of melee weapons?
A. Originally both versions gave −1 AM to basic unarmed CC attacks and neither was cumulative with any weaponry. But due to the massive amount of turbulance this has caused amongst the players it's been decided to make the −1 AM be for any melee attacks made by either the Union or Neo-sov versions of the power armor suits. And yes this is cumulative with any melee weaponry that is being used.
Q. Can a squad ever voluntarily break coherency?
A. No. Only certain circumstances can force this to happen, such as a model that was in melee and got left behind, or act of God terrain effects which forcibly separate a squad. You may never simply decide to leave coherency. Any model who starts its activation out of coherency may do nothing whatsoever, other than spend all its available MP moving directly back towards coherency. In other words, even if you were allowed to end an activation outside coherency, that model could do nothing except spend all MP getting back in anyway.
Q. Would an ability that grants movement just let the model freely move that far, or is the movement modified by terrain?
A. All movement in VOR is modified by terrain unless an ability specifically states otherwise. If something says it gives 3 inches of movement, for example, that 3 inches is still modified by terrain.
Q. Can I automatically succeed at damage rolls or automatically fail if the difference in Power and Body is great enough?
A. Yes. If a POW 8 attack hits a BOD 3 target, there is no damage roll—the roll is automatically successful. Likewise if a POW 3 attack hit a BOD 9 target (a roll of less than 1 is needed), there is no chance for success.
The rules are designed with this in mind, but if this really bugs you, as an optional rule: A model that scores a critical hit can always do damage if it gets lucky, even the attack's Power is mathematically unable to injure that target. Call it David and Goliath syndrome or underdog's luck. Using this rule, a model always has a chance to do damage, but only if it scores a critical hit, and then can manage to roll another natural 1 to injure.
Q. Can I deliberately fire on my own units (to give them a roll to break free of mind-controlling powers, for instance)? Or use abilities like Dark Zone on them?
A. Your units will not risk killing their compatriot that way, whether they respect their fellow's life or are just afraid of him (coughNeoSovscough). In the event that a model is accidentally killed by its own player, the enemy still gets the full GP for him, incidentally.
Q. If I have a unit activate twice in the same turn (through Tho'ack the Mystic's special ability, for instance) are they still limited by their weapon's UPT? In other words, if they already used their UPT 1 weapons... can't they use them on their second activation?
A. Consider UPT to be uses per activation for this purpose—if you somehow got a second activation in one turn, you count it like it's the first—UPT is reset.
Q. The text for Pushed Back on the Panic Table tells you to spend all the affected unit's MP to move directly back to their deployment zone. Often they are still there or are already there—what then?
A. If it's the first turn of the game, the unit simply flees toward their own table edge and stop there. After the first turn, a unit moves their full MP toward their table edge and if they make it, they move off the board, leaving the battle and counting as casualties. That's what they get for lurking on the table edge!
Q. When holding an action, when does the unit lose its held status?
A. The unit stays on hold until it is next activated, and may continue holding by spending all its MP on subsequent turns. (p. 76, VOR).
Q. When a unit goes on hold, does it still get its normal activation in a turn if it intervened earlier that turn?
A. If a squad goes on hold on turn 1, then midway through turn 2, they attack (by intervening from hold), that does not count as their activation for turn 2. (Mischievious players can prevent this sort of tactic from working by winning initiative and selecting a unit that is on-hold to be activated first for the turn. This effectively erases that's squads on-hold status and makes them be activated and used as normal.)
Q. Do prone figures count for targeting priority?
A. A prone model may be ignored for targeting purposes, even if it's within 12″.
Q. Do I have to fire at targets within 12″ if they are involved in melee?
A. No, models involved in close combat can be ignored for the purposes of the 12″ proximity rule.
Q. What about troops who are paralyzed or falling back from Morale failure?
A. They can also be ignored for the 12″ rule.
Q. How high are the templates?
A. The blast template is as high as it is round—so a 2″ blast is a 2″ dome. A splash is actually a cone.
Q. What modifiers apply when using a point blank weapon in melee? Short-range mods? Large target? Number of combatants?
A. Only the −1 RC for using point blank mode, Short range mods, and Large model mod normally apply.
Q. What can screen what? In other words, what models block line of sight to what?
A. There are no universal screening rules—you must judge it case by case. Since all models occupy space equal to a cone from their base to the top of their head, all models (both friendly and enemy) block LOS through their cone. So anything can block, or fail to block, LOS to pretty much anything else, depending on their relative positions and sizes. You could shoot over a tank to hit men behind it if you're high up enough, or those men could block LOS to the tank if you're in a trench looking upwards.
Q. How does cover affect indirect attacks? Do I suffer a penalty to RC as normal?
A. You apply the −1 for Indirect, the range modifier (if any), and modifiers for Size (if any). RC modifiers for cover only apply from the spotter's point of view because they are the one that is calling in the target's location.
Q. How is cover determined when attacking with a template weapon? What about the bonus +1 to AR given by hard cover?
A. If the cover lies between the direction of the attacker and the target, it applies. However in the case of blast markers, only give the +1 AR if the cover is between the center of the blast template and the target.
Q. Can I avoid penalties (like from a Special Forces squad with the Ghosts ability) or penalties from firing into a melee, by accidentally catching my targets in a template by targeting the ground? What about accidentally hitting illegal targets (like Biofreaks at over 12″) this way?
A. That would be purposefully breaking the spirit of the rules and is therefore not allowed. Saying you are targeting the ground in an attempt to hit a model counts as targeting that enemy model, for all intents and purposes. The ground fire rule may not be used to avoid penalties, in any case. The rule exists to allow players to catch multiple legal targets in the template, at a penalty, not to allow penalties to be ignored or invalid targets to be attacked.
Q. What about shooting invisible targets, or otherwise specifically illegal targets, by saying I'm targeting the ground to catch them in the blast or zone?
A. No this is not allowed. The only way that a model that has an invisible or Ghost-like ability can be accidentally hit is if an enemy player shoots a template based attack at a valid non-friendly model that is near an invisible model, and even then if the invisible model does end up being caught in the attack they get to try to make a dodge (using the dodge rules from the VOR rulebook).
Q. What happens when you fire a template into CC, especially a splash? Does it hit everybody it touches, or do you randomize who's hit, etc.?
A. You must center the marker on the target as much as possible when firing into melee. Therefore you may hit friends and foes with the same attack, so be careful!
Q. Would I apply the penalties for multiple combatants in a melee when firing a blast marker into a close combat?
A. No. Just remember that the template must be centered on the target model (since it's a template in a melee).
Q. Say I have two medium-sized targets under an autofire template, one enemy, one friend, who are engaged in CC with each other. The enemy model is actually behind hard cover. Do I apply the −2 RC for hard cover to the enemy model? Do I apply the −2 RC for firing into a melee with two combatants? Do I have to roll to hit twice on my own trooper? And lastly (whew!) what about critical hits and misses?
A. You would apply penalty for cover according to the actual placement of the figures. This is pretty much the only time you need to be this literal. So the −2 RC applies, as does the +1 AR. You do not apply the −2 RC for firing into the melee since you are saturating the template area with fire. Missing is unlikely, barring any cover to stop the slugs. Critical hits and misses count as usual (see below).
Q. What happens when I roll a critical failure (i.e. a 10) when rolling to hit targets caught in a full-auto template?
A. If the first roll to hit is a critical failure then the attack is considered to botched on some level (i.e. the gun jammed, etc.) and there is no effect as a result. Any 10's rolled after the first to-hit roll is made to determine if models are hit or not by a full auto template are ignored and are instead treated as missed hits. It's important to note that jamming a full-auto attack/weapon does not prevent it from being used as normal again on a following turn.
Q. Do armor modifiers apply to the armor provided by hard cover?
A. Yep. So if you have no AR, are in hard cover, and get hit with a shot that has AM −1, you get no armor test.
Q. What happens when you fire a blast weapon into a melee and miss?
A. It just scatters from the target as usual; there is no roll for hitting secondary targets as with normal missed shots into CC.
Q. How much of a miniature's base must be covered by a template for it to be hit?
A. It just needs to be touched (VOR rulebook p. 85, diagram at top left of page), although it's always best to let questionable situations go to the defender. The most important thing is to be consistent; however you do it, always do it the same way.
Q. What's stopping a player from completely ignoring the 12″ Immediate proximity rule by simply turning his models so that they aren't seeing a target they would otherwise have to shoot?
A. This is illegal. Models must always shoot the closest target within 12″, unless there are targets within 12″ in less cover (as per page 81 of the VOR rulebook). Models must either position themselves so as to see and attack such targets, or not shoot at all.
The stipulation about LOS is there only to clarify that a totally concealed target within 12″ does not apply—not to let players ignore valid threats.
Q. When you measure range and your target is outside maximum range, do you lose the shot, pick another target in range, or does the shot go to the end of its range then take effect (so blasts could still do damage)?
A. You automatically miss regular shots, and blasts are counted as useless airbursts. You can only target the ground with an attack in order to hit one or more valid targets (see above). For example; you cannot shoot a blast template using a weapon at it's maximum range, targeting the ground, in an attempt to hit something that is beyond your weapons maximum range.
Q. Is LOS 360 degrees, 180, or what?
A. 180 degrees.
Q. If all your units are wiped out, but you have units that haven't come into play yet (like Sieve of Ulhothep or reinforcements in a scenario) does the game end or does it continue?
A. It continues until the predetermined turn limit is up (might wanna start rolling for this, according to the main rulebook, if this is an issue often with your group). In a Last Man Standing scenario, you'd wait for them to appear.
Q. Can a named model get new abilities or gear? Can a model opt not to take gear it had previously? For example:
  • Union model Sergeant Slaughter has a vibro knife and the Ain't Got Time Ta Die! ability. Can he switch the knife for a Pitbull for a particular game? And can he be taken without the AGTTD ability? Also, can he buy the Move!Move!Move! ability later?
  • Steelhide the bull has and Mighty Leap and Rend N' Throw!. Can he buy Super Tough Frame when he becomes a Chieftain?
A. Abilities are stuck on, so once a named model has an ability, they have it for good. New upgrades and abilities (Steel Horn, Move!Move!Move!) may be given to a named model within the usual restrictions. This costs 2CP plus the usual PV and may be done in place of a stat increase that game. Unit specific abilities are lost if the model advances to a higher level. So a onehorn with a Steel Horn would lose it when he grew to bull stage, but could then get bull abilities for 2CP and the usual cost for the ability in PV. Gear maybe be changed game to game. So you could leave that vibro knife at home and take a rifle one game, then the knife in the game after that, etc.
Q. Can a named model increase its AR? How about Shielding?
A. Only if the armor is a natural property of the model. So a Shard or a Onehorn could raise AR but not a Vanguard model. However, the Vanguard trooper could opt to wear power armor at will, since it's gear.
Shielding may not be raised. As a strictly optional rule, you could allow models which already have inherent Shielding to raise it as a one-time thing. This would count as a normal stat increase attempt and work identically to improving MP or Life (no roll, costs 5 CP). Most Shard could do this, but not things with worn armor like a Slayer.
Q. How many PV is a good start for a force?
A. That's a difficult question to answer because it really depends on your budget and preferred style of play. Generally you don't want to play games with forces of less than 250PV. 750 PV is a standard force size. Also see the end of this F.A.Q. for recommended starting/demo forces that'll give you some ideas on where to begin.
Q. Can models voluntarily leave play?
A. Yes they can, but they may not return and they count as casualties just as if they were killed (divide the GP evenly amongst all opponents in multiplayer games).
Q. What can force a model off the table, if anything?
A. No ability can ever force an enemy off the table. Only failed Morale tests which cause models to flee may do so. Anything else just causes the model to stop at the table edge.
Q. Do I go prone if I fail to break from melee? I head this somewhere but can't find it in the book...
A. This rule was used during some of the playtesting of the main rules but was removed prior to the final version. So, no.
Q. Can models leave close combat with a prone model for free, or must they test for it?
A. Models may freely ignore prone models. Additionally, a prone model does not get to make a Power test to get free hits on fleeing models, even if it has friends keeping the escapee locked in melee.
Q. A bull is engaged in close combat from the front by a Soulless model. Later that turn, a third player's Kommander charges the bull from the rear to finish it off and take the Glory for it. Can the Soulless' player move around the bull without breaking base-to-base contact, to attack the Kommander?
A. The Soulless would have to break combat (with a Power test) to move from his position, as normal. Moving around the enemy while they are trying to kill you is no safer than trying to escape from them—it's more dangerous, if anything.
Q. Can I use abilities or upgrades to hit fleeing melee opponents who fail their POW test against my models, or just basic attacks using POW? For example, Chomp Attack or a Rad Baton?
A. You can use anything legal for melee—ouch!
Q. What happens when I'm forced to flee while in CC (by a Fearsome Roar for example)? What about when a Union squad uses the fallback rule, when the squad is in CC?
A. You are forced to make the test to flee CC and are hit if you fail. You must then continue making tests to escape until the model is out of MP or gets away.
Union falling back must continue to do so once it's declared. So they can be kept on the board if engaged in melee (assuming they fail their tests to flee it). However, since only half their MP must be spent fleeing, the rest could be spent fighting off their attacker if desired.
Q. When you fail a Morale roll and must fall back, what happens if you're in CC?
A. The fleeing model automatically gets hit once by each aggressor (via standard Melee attacks). If the fleeing model survives it moves away as per the normal rules. There is no test to break from close combat—the model automatically escapes, but is automatically hit as well.
Q. Can I stack several abilities to get multiple parry attempts?
A. You may never attempt more than one parry on a given hit, even if several sources allow a parry. Just use the best one (if a bull has Seasoned Fighter AND Quills, you'd simply parry with the Quills since Seasoned Fighter has a penalty to the parry attempt. You couldn't try both on one hit though).
Q. What is the UPT for a basic unarmed CC attack? Why do the custom rules list 2 UPT as costing extra? Does that count for custom CC attacks?
A. All CC attacks are UPT Unlimited unless otherwise stated. The 2 UPT cost in the custom force section is for ranged attacks only.

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Vehicles F.A.Q.

Q. Can vehicles aim shots? What about walkers? If so, how?
A. Vehicles may not make aimed shots—their shots are, in essence, always aimed (which is basically reflected in their stats already).
Q. How does it work when a vehicle is equipped with UPT: 2 weapons?
A. The vehicle gets the normal number of shots, depending on how many MP it spent that turn. So an Eradicator that used half its MP could fire each of its weapons once, or the UPT: 2 Fracture Cannon twice instead, for example.
Q. When a vehicle goes to fire its weapons, is it how much it actually moved that matters, or how much MP it spent?
A. How much MP it spent.
Q. Can vehicles with a CC score make basic unarmed melee attacks?
A. Yes. It costs 4MP and uses their Power as normal.
Q. Can a unit begin a game inside a transport?
A. Yes. Simply set the models that are in the vehicle aside, declare what you're doing, and then proceed with the pre-game setup.
Q. How does disembarking from a vehicle work when there are multiple squads on board?
A. The vehicle may either stay still and let the squads each disembark as their activations come up, or else may drop off one squad, move, the let another squad disembark at another location (they can get off when their activation comes up).
Q. Can vehicles go backwards during VOR battles?
A. Yes (see new rule below). Note that this is not an optional rule.

Moving In Reverse

Any vehicle may declare that it's going into reverse mode, which it then stays in until its next activation. In reverse, the vehicle pays 3 MP for each inch moved, may not enter difficult terrain, and may only fire one weapon regardless of MP spent. All shots it makes are at −1 RC and it may not make indirect attacks. All Anti-Gravity vehicles pay 4MP per each inch moved in reverse, due to the extreme difficulty of piloting them in this daredevil manner. Tracked tanks (very rare in the Maelstrom) and AG vehicles may enter difficult terrain in reverse, but may not attack at all that turn if they do so. Walkers only pay 2MP per inch moved as they deal with this sort of terrain far better then other vehicle types. Models may add +2 to their dodge attempt when avoiding being hit by backward-moving vehicles, and enemies firing at a vehicle in reverse mode gain a +1 RC bonus to hit it until its next activation.
Q. What is a vehicle squad's 6″ coherency used for, since a vehicle automatically passes its Guts rolls and can seemingly ignore coherency?
A. Vehicles may not leave coherency, period. Maybe an odd effect would force this, and even then you must get back into coherency using all available MP and doing nothing else, until coherency is regained (just like infantry, in other words).
Q. Can I include a vehicle as part of a 500 PV force or must I have a full 500 before adding a vehicle in?
A. You can have a 500 PV force with a vehicle already figured in. So a 200 PV vehicle plus 300 PV of troops is fine. (p. 55, Union Forcebook) See also the Vehicle Permission rule in the Updates section.
Q. Can an antigravity vehicle stop on top of another model or terrain piece and hover there?
A. No. Also, models that an AG vehicle runs across are collided with as usual. If players want, they could rule some very big, flat terrain pieces as valid areas to stop on.
Q. What happens when vehicles run into infantry?
A. All vehicles (including walkers like the Ares suit) cause collision damage as specified in VOR (p. 90). It's assured that a successful dodge roll will always get a model off an Ares collision, because you can dodge up to 3″ and the Ares is only 2″ wide.
Also, walkers only cause 1 damage to troops they collide with. You also get your armor save against walker collisions (so walkers act the same as a light vehicle in this regard).
Q. So then, can I run a vehicle right through a unit, or can the unit stop the vehicle and fight it in melee? Can I collide with a unit and attack any survivors if my vehicle is a walker with a CC score?
A. You can go right through a unit or stop and fight melee (if the vehicle has a CC score). Non-large models will not stop the vehicle. However, large models that have Power 6 or more and aren't injured by the collision can stop a walker and force it to fight in close combat.
Q. Can vehicles be knocked prone?
A. Not unless they are a walker, and only by attacks with Power 6 or more.
Q. Do vehicles break from CC as normal?
A. Medium and heavy vehicles can just leave at will. Light vehicles make the test to break from combat but don't go prone should they fail. However, no vehicle can break away from Large enemies with Power 6 or more automatically.
Q. A growler bull attacks a non-walker vehicle in melee. Can I simply ram it or must the vehicle test to leave melee? Can I fire weapons at it?
A. The model may not freely move (due to the bull being a Large model with Power 6+). Therefore it must win a Power test as normal. If it wins, it may proceed to ram the upstart bull and move away freely. Note that while a bull could theoretically keep a tank in place, hitting it if it failed to win the Power test, this is not very likely to last long due to the vehicle's high Power and MP stats.
The vehicle may not fire weapons at an enemy its in melee with in—they're probably swinging from the barrel ;) Run them down instead!
Q. Does a walker that collides with a unit get the +1 CC charge bonus once it attacks any survivors?
A. Yes.

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Growlers F.A.Q.

Growler Errata

The following Uses Per Turn stats were accidentally left out of the Growler Forcebook:

Rend N' Throw UPT 1
Offensive Shockwave UPT 1
Q. What happens if a Zykhee using the Vikoon Mastery skill hits Skulltusk on a 10 or 9?
A. They still fumble on a 9 or 10 but can ignore the 9's due to Vikoon Mastery.
Q. Can I use abilities (like Chomp Attack) with Frenzy or just basic attacks? Can I use Vicious Claws when my Momma is subject to Maternal Rage?
A. Yes and yes—any CC growler upgrades and abilities are legal for use with these effects. In the case of the Momma, her claws are permanently Vicious anyway.
Q. Can I add custom breeds to official growler packs?
A. No—you can't mix custom forces with FASA forces.
Q. Can I only have a certain size of growler force? There seems to be a limit on PV of a growler pack due to the growler unit types' limits...
A. You can have any size force by adding additional Mommas (which allow other units) or adding sub-packs of another breed.
Q. Do extra growlers allowed by taking extra Mommas need to be of the same breed as her?
A. Yes they do.
Q. Shouldn't Firegut growlers have some sort of improved resistance to the flame-based weapons? Would lava-dwelling creatures like Fireguts really be vulnerable to catching fire, for example?
A. Subtract −1 Power from fire-based attacks when rolling to damage any Firegut models. The AM for these attacks and the Flambé and similar rules do not apply to Fireguts except for pups and onehorns. Zykhee Baelfire has its usual, full effects against all Fireguts, however.
Q. What can a Bluefang do while using Smother Attack on a model? Does this count as being in melee?
A. The bull counts as being in melee as normal. It works just like a normal melee except that no one may attack the pinned model. If the bull wishes to use non-CC abilities, he must cease the Smother Attack and free the enemy model. Since the enemy is prone at this point, the bull can leave freely.
Q. How does Hammer Slam affect vehicles?
A. They pass their Body test at −1 or must roll on the internal damage table. Assuming the vehicle survives the internal damage, proceed to test for damage as normal (Power vs. Body, with the usual armor test). Drones are affected as normal infantry.
Q. Can I use the Whitetusk growler ability Combat Lunge to decrease the MPC of any CC attack, (like Chomp Attack for example) or just standard CC attacks?
A. Any—now get Chompin'!
Q. Can the growler ability Offensive Shockwave be used during CC? In other words, is it considered an actual ranged attack?
A. Nope it can't and yep it is.
Q. Can I give the standard allotment of 4 abilities allowed chieftains to the Alpha Chieftains or do their unique abilities and improved stats replace them?
A. The Alpha Chieftains developed their own abilities instead of the standard ones.
Q. Does Razorfang get his Indestructible Frame save against (fill in the blank)?
A. Yes. The unmodified 7 or less armor test applies to any and all attacks. This applies to mental assault, no armor test hits, automatic damage hits, auto-kill hits, everything. Any attack that would damage or remove him from play allows the save. He can be slowed by an Axion, poisoned by a Wardyn, etc. freely. He can't save against failing the Brains test from a Zykhee tattoo.
Anything actually hurting him allows the full save, including Devolve, Soul Forge, Orbital Blast or whatever. This is not mere physical toughness here—it's the mystical protection provided by his being the distilled essence of the strength of the entire growler race.
Q. Exactly how do growler bulls and chieftains attack structures in CC? Do they need to roll to hit? Or can we assume they wouldn't really be able to miss a big wall?
A. They spend the 4 MP to make an attack and BOOM! they hit. If the structure fails (or doesn't have) an armor test, then it's a goner.
Q. How high does Mighty Leap go? Can MP be used to go higher, or only straight forward?
A. The maximum height is 12″. You can extend this height by sacrificing 2″ of distance for each 1″ of additional height. Remember to pick the direction of your jump before you roll the D10!
You must declare your target point before rolling and you may not adjust your distance by spending MP on height. No making high arcs to get pinpoint landings when the bull leaps too far! So if I roll a total of 11″, I can go 14″ high if I only go 7″ forward. I could not decide after rolling the die that I want to spend some of those inches on height simply to hit a point I overshot.
Bluefangs cause a hit to structures as well as models they hit. If the structure is destroyed by the hit (p. 87), the Bluefang takes damage as if he was in a collapsing structure!

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Union F.A.Q.

Union Errata

  • The main VOR rulebook lists the Frag Grenade as having a 3″ blast radius. This is incorrect—it's actually 2″ as per the forcebook.
  • The Union's Field Hospital force trait is missing a number on the chart. Change it to read: 6 – 8 Wounded!
  • The Quad Missile Launcher was specifically designed to be used against vehicle targets and as such it has a reduced effect against non-vehicle targets. When used against non-vehicle targets the quad missle launcher may not be used indirectly and it only damages the model that is directly centered under the attack. Any other non-vehicle models caught in the blast just have to make knockdown tests and are not in danger of being damaged.
  • The Fallback rule may not be used unless the unit has both moved out of its deployment zone (it can have moved back since then, however) and has taken at least 50% casualties.
Q. When my ADT/HDT is attacked in melee can it still fire? Can I fire into a combat involving my own drone (i.e. does it count for the purposes of the Union's no-firing-into-melee rule)?
A. Union players are allowed to fire into melee if the only friendly models in that melee are union drones.
Q. If a model gets affected by Flambé or similar effects, he can be ignored for coherency purposes if he runs off, right?
A. Right, just disregard him. However if it recovers, the unit must spend all its MP to regain coherency, once the model is no longer moving randomly. Same thing for models K.O.'d with a Wardyn's poison, or similar things.
Q. Can I Orbitally Deploy an HDT drone? This is legal by the rules but seems odd, since they must be assembled and set up prior to the battle, on site.
A. Assume that the Union techs will anchor them to a base or platform prior to the drop, avoiding the need for a lengthy setup process. Consequently, they scatter as usual, making this of questionable tactical use, since they can't move. However, they can certainly be dropped in this way.
Q. Can Union models fire a template weapon into melee if I can possibly position it so as to not hit any Union models?
A. Under no circumstances whatsoever will Union troopers risk Union lives this way. The models are not static statues that one could just clip with an explosion or hose incendiaries at without seriously risking killing Union targets. Nor are the template attacks as neat and precise as their gameplay-required shapes imply. No Union Commander would allow it. Even if you accidentally scattered a blast into a melee this way, the enemy gets the full GP for any Union troops killed.
Q. What is the UPT on the Ares Assault Suit's Mangler Fist?
A. It's UPT 1. It operates like any other vehicle weapon (costs no MP, etc.). However you can also make unarmed melee attacks using CC for 4MP like any other Large model. They just aren't Mangler hits. Be sure to figure out what you're going to do with the Ares beforehand—if you shoot a gun and then move 6 inches, you don't get a Mangler attack since you used more than half its MP (and can thus only use one weapon) even thought it costs no MP to use the Mangler.
Q. On the Union Ares suit can I take one Mangler and replace the APE with another one, or can I just have one, period?
A. You can just take one— a second wouldn't really help you anyway except in the odd event that the first was destroyed by internal damage.
Q. Do you have to take one basic squad for each elite? For example, if you take one Union Standard Infantry squad, can you take a Brawler squad and an Elite squad, or would this require two standard squads?
A. 1 Standard Infantry squad allows you to buy both 1 Elite squad and 1 Brawler squad.
Q. Does a split Union squad make Morale rolls based on the split squad's current numbers? So 4 troopers from a bigger squad must roll Guts after 2 casualties, right?
A. The split squad makes Morale rolls based on the current (split up) numbers.
Q. How many times per game may a squad split up/rejoin?
A. You may split a squad then unite it as many times as you wish. So I could split into my 4 man and 5 man fire squads, then join back up, then split a few turns later, etc. Also, combat squads activate as separate squads after the turn they split.

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Neo-Soviets F.A.Q.

Neo Soviet Errata

  • The Neo-Soviet Predator mutant's missile attack has the following range statline, which as inadvertently omitted from the Neo-Soviet Forcebook: S 10/+3 M 20/+2 L 30/+1
  • The Neo-Soviet upgrade Acceptable Losses costs +7 PV. This PV cost was accidentally left out of Razorfang's Exodus.
Q. What happens to Neo-Soviet pack mutants when their handler is killed?
A. They stay within control distance (leave the body of the handler there for reference), or can be adopted by another handler (but not officer) who has room in his maximum mutant allowance. They could also just leave, but will get zapped by their collars as usual.
Q. Can a Rad Trooper squad take SMGs and assault rifles?
A. Yes. The squad can mix and match within the squad, but no single member can have both guns.
Q. How do Toxin grenades and Rad grenades affect Shard?
A. As normal.
Q. How does Chemspray affect vehicles and robotic units?
A. Mechanical units are unaffected by the chemsauce. This includes drones, vehicles, and robotic units (but not power armor like Spetznaz or Slayers, who are affected fully).
Q. Can a Neo Soviet Officer use the Execution ability at any point during his activation? Does it have an MPC? Can the Officer do anything else that turn or only cap the poor trooper and shout obscenities?
A. Execution has no MP cost. It just happens and you go about with the Officer's activation as normal. It also needs mentioning that unlike the other uses of this ability, when it's used to enable a squad pass a Guts test, you can Execute in response to the squad having to make the test. In other words, you don't have to plan it in advance—you shoot a grunt to inspire bravery in the unit when the test is called for. However, you cannot do this if the Officer has already been activated that turn!

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Zykhee F.A.Q.

Zykhee Errata

The Uses Per Turn stat was left off these weapons in the main VOR rulebook:

Sling Staff UPT Unlimited
Sling UPT 3
Stinger UPT3
Laser UPT 3
Plasma UPT 1
Pod UPT 1
Lightning UPT 1
All Zykhee CC tips UPT Unlimited
Also, the Scatter Pod has Blast 2″
Q. Can Guts check immunity save you from Soul Forge? This comes up with units like Special Forces and growlers protected by the Packmind.
A. No unit passes all Guts tests, just Morale tests. Soul Forge affects these units normally.
Q. Do I need LOS for Bael Fire Blast or can I just nail ya right through a wall, since it ignores cover entirely? What about terrain vs. Soul Flare?
A. Bael fire blast can be fired right through cover but you still need a line of sight (spotters are usable for this). The Mystic ability Soul Flare also ignores terrain, either arcing over it or just going right through it, no LOS is need for this ability however.
Q. Can Myntokk parry with his hunter staff?
A. Yes—it's a Vikoon staff and all the usual rules apply.
Q. Can a temple retinue add extra Soulless, etc. beyond the usual limit or only bonus Mystics?
A. Yes, this unit can theoretically add extra Soulless to a force every other game.
Q. Can a model take a spare tattoo in case on is used up?
A. No Zykhee tattoo has an increased effect if there's more than one. This means it never does any good to purchase more than one of a given tattoo—the Mystic does all he can the first time and further tattooing has no added effect.
Q. Will an Armor Tattoo allow a model with no armor rating to pass an armor test?
A. No, only models that possess armor get an armor test. Models with no AR don't even get to take the test. It's an enhancement to physical, worn armor, not its own effect. So you could use it to pass a save from Hard Cover even without an AR, but considering the cost and the fact that AM applies to this test, it's not advised.

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Shard F.A.Q.

Shard Errata

  • The Shard Battle Spur has the Parry ability.
  • A Shard force may contain 50% of its total PV in Fledglings and Crawlers combined, not 50% Fledglings and the other 50% Crawlers.
  • Ambients do not count as squads for the purposes of force selection. In other words, they do not fill the requirements for taking a Prime, for instance.
  • A Prime may take an Impaler Spur for +6 PV.
  • Calisax's Size is Large.
  • Zaxiss is Size: Medium.
Q. What are the Heavy Spur and Core Lens mentioned in the upgrades for some Shard units?
A. They are simply the working names of the Impaler Spur and Matrix Cannon, respectively. This is a typo in the printed text.
Q. How does the Axion power Light Warp function?
A. Just like the Scrye ability Light Benders. The Axion may not use any attacks or powers but may move, fly, or leave melee automatically.
Q. Does an invisible Scrye or Axion block LOS?
A. Nope—they're not hazy-invisible—they're completely-gone invisible.
Q. Is an Ambient affected by his own Hard Field?
A. An Ambient is unaffected by his own fields, Hard or Soft.
Q. Will multiple Hard Fields affecting a model allow multiple deflection attempts for the same shot?
A. No—neither Ambient field is cumulative with others of the same type.
Q. Can an Ambient's Hard Field deflect a Point Blank shot?
A. No.
Q. Is the Fracture Cannon supposed to be a Knockdown weapon?
A. No.
Q. Can I use overlapping fields from multiple Ambients to let one Ambient's field aid another Ambient?
A. Yes you can.
Q. Does the Axion ability Devolve affect vehicles and drones, and other robotic enemies? What about enemy Shard?
A. Vehicles and mechanical units, no. Shard, yes.
Q. Do Super Tough Frame and Razorfang's Indestructible Frame give an armor test against Devolve?
A. Absolutely—STF grants its normal 5 or less test, against otherwise armor-defeating abilities. Razorfang gets his full 7 or less save just as he does against all attacks.
Q. A Prime is affected by Burning Hatred, but there is no one within 12″ to charge. What happens?
A. He must use any ranged attacks he has to hit the nearest target in range. If it's impossible for him to engage in melee or fire at an enemy, he is free to do as he wishes for that activation.
Q. Is Zaxiss meant to be wearing an AMP suit?
A. No, he's simply very exceptional. The text in his entry about AMP suit availability is simply there to clarify that his presence does not affect AMP suit availability and basically that you still may take AMP suits as normal, in addition to Zaxiss' considerable firepower.
Q. The Prime power Energy Focus says in its description that line of sight is needed, but it has Mode: Indirect in its statline. Is LOS needed or not—how does this attack work?
A. LOS is still required but there will be no modifiers whatsoever to hit. The attack has no range modifiers, ignores cover (being Indirect) and ignores the Indirect fire modifiers as well. So if it can be seen at all and is within 20″, a target can be hit with a straight RC test. Being a ranged, non-Point Blank attack, it cannot be used in melee.
Q. How does a Chemsprayer affect an Eradicator? As a Shard unit it should get no armor test, but as a vehicle, it should not be affected at all.
A. Eradicators can be hurt and get no armor test, but only take one damage and make an internal damage roll automatically instead of being melted down automatically.
Q. Does the Neuro Wave Ambient ability hurt other Shard or only carbons?
A. Everything under it.

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Pharon F.A.Q.

Pharon Errata

  • The Reality Manipulator is only useable twice per turn, not three times.
  • The Sundered's Vor Walk ability is incorrect and should read as follows: Sundered models receive a save vs. any non-template (auto-fire, splash, blast) ranged attacks on a 4 or less (not affected by AR modifiers as it is not an armor save).
  • The Slayer Suit's Implacable ability allows them to fire any ranged weapons regardless of MP and UPT restrictions (or auto-fire restrictions) when they don't move that turn. In melee, Slayers may make one attack with both the right and left hands of Ulhothep for 6 MP.
  • The Soul Reaver's ability has a max of Power 10, 6″ blast just like the Purging spell.
  • The Null Field Magastus Box causes power armored troops to lose half their MP as well as vehicles.
  • The Devourer simply does damage on a 7 or less regardless of the target's BOD. This weapon works identically to any other, except that it always needs a 7 or less when rolling to damage. Hit rolls, crits, and armor tests apply normally.
  • The Purging requires Line of Sight.
  • The Sieves Of Ulhothep's ability Breath Of Karneter no longer has the listed special effect (the Body test thing)—it simply does damage. This was unintentionally left in.
Q. What models count for the effects of the Purging?
A. Everything—your enemies, your own models, innocent bystanders, anything with a Life stat counts toward its effectiveness (and all these are also potentially injured by the spell).
Q. Can Sieves of Ulhothep leave melee by using their We Are Of The Sands ability? What if only one member is in melee—can they disappear and just leave him behind?
A. They cannot use this ability while in melee—the entire squad would all have to successfully break melee to use this power.
Q. Can a Heirophant with accompanying Initiates bring another squad through a Gateway?
A. No—the Initiates count as his unit and he may not bring a second along.
Q. Can one use resurrection abilities to raise Shard models?
A. No—.Shard may never be used as slaves, raised in-game or otherwise. Cccuurrrssse them!
Q. When buying a Magastus Box, is the 20 PV for the two crew members or is it 20 PV each?
A. +20 PV each.
Q. Can Soul Reavers utilize dead units from the current turn as well as the previous one?
A. No—only the previous turn.
Q. Some Pharon abilities raise undead slaves—is this model an actual forcelist Slave unit, or a modified version of the actual, dead model?
A. A zombified version of the actual former unit—use the rules on p. 43 of the forcebook to create its stats (Raising The Dead).
Q. Can Shard Ambient fields protect against the Pharon's various Splash effects? Some aren't physical weapons...
A. The fields function normally against these attacks.
Q. If I cast a Soul Web prior to the game, and the Hierophant is killed, is the spell dispersed?
A. No—it stays in effect once cast.
Q. Can I use the Orb Of Sa' Kas to cause a Soul Web to function on a 7 or less? Is this legal?
A. Yes.
Q. When converting slaves from other forcelists, what structure/squad size do you use?
A. That of the actual original unit.

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Here are some suggested starting forces/demo forces (500-501 PV). These were FASA's forcelists for official demos.


  • Chieftain with Chomp Attack and Super Tough Frame
  • Bull with Mighty Leap
  • Bull with Frenzy and Seasoned Fighter
  • Bull with Rend N' Throw!
  • 3 Onehorns
  • Momma with Vicious Claws
  • 6 Pups


  • Chieftain with Excessive Blubber, What's that Smell?, Chomp Attack, and Belly Slam
  • Bull with Excessive Blubber and Maw Blast
  • Bull with Excessive Blubber and Smother Attack
  • Bull with Excessive Blubber and Tumble Attack
  • 3 Onehorns
  • Momma with Vicious Claws
  • 6 Pups


  • Chieftain with Extra Rocky Skin, Magma Blast, Chomp Attack
  • Bull with Fire Spray
  • Bull with Fire Spray
  • Bull with Magma Blast
  • 3 Onehorns
  • Momma
  • 6 Pups


  • Chieftain with Chomp Attack, Awe-Inspiring Fury, and Seasoned Fighter
  • Bull with Seasoned Fighter, Mighty Leap
  • Bull with Seasoned Fighter
  • Bull with Offensive Shockwave
  • 3 Onehorns
  • Momma with Vicious Claws
  • 6 Pups


  • Sergeant with Pitbull, Pug, and I Ain't Got Time Ta Die!
  • 6 Standard Infantry including one with a Rottweiler HMG)
  • 4 Special Forces troopers, all with the Ghost ability plus one with a Bloodhound sniper rifle


  • Officer with Rad Hound and Rad Grenades
  • 6 Vanguard including 1 Kalashnikov rifle
  • 2 Cyclops
  • 10 Rad Troopers
  • 2 Chem Grunts


  • Circle 2 Mystic with Soul Flare and Bael Fire Blast
  • 3 Ra'gha with 1 Wrecker Blade, plus Coil Strike and Speed Tattoos on all 3
  • 3 Divakk with Laser tips, 1 is also equipped with a Plasma tip, Aviok Sight for all 3
  • 6 Scouts with Hit and Run


  • Prime with Impaler Spur, Energy Burst and Amplifying Lens
  • 5 Concussors including 1 Fracture Cannon
  • 5 Jagged including 1 Impaler Spur
  • Strider
  • 5 Fledglings


  • Hierophant with Sway of the Tomb and Goth Field
  • 8 Fists Of Anubis
  • 4 Ascassii
  • Noble with Seket Pistol, Seket Talon, and Entombment