VOR: The Maelstrom  


[VOID 1.1 cover scan] VOID1.1 has a fairly extensive range of miniatures available for it, of several different factions. The following force lists allow their use in VOR, with few differences in ability from the way they work in VOID.

Scotia Grendel's web site (who have taken over the VOID line from Urban Mammoth since these force lists were created) has more information on VOID, including an on-line store with all the miniatures, the rules and force books.

Warhammer 40,000

Please note that most of these conversions use data from older Codexes than the current ones, as they were written before the fourth edition of Wargammer 40,000 was published.

[Warhammer 40,000 cover scan] These highly-illegal force lists let you use your armies from the world's most popular science fantasy miniatures game in VOR. As far as possible, these conversions have kept troops' abilities the same in both game systems, so you shouldn't run into too many surprises—but beware of assuming that everything that works in Warhammer, will also work in VOR ...

See the Games Workshop web site for more information on Warhammer 40,000—although it's unlikely you'll need any, if you're considering using its figures in VOR :)

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